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A week ago, the leading newspaper LA VANGUARDIA published a special article about polar expeditions in our days. In their analysis they called us several times to ask for information about the project we are preparing with Carles Gel, and we were specifically named in this interesting article.

We still do not have it 100% decided, because we are finishing the fight to close the sponsorship necessary to cover the budget for this important project, but our intention would be to leave in late October to start the trip in early November, to focus one of the most extreme adventures that can be done in our times: Crossing the Antarctic continent from the coast to the South Pole in total self-sufficiency and without any artificial aid (as might be kites). This would allocate between 45 and 50 days to cover the 1,200 km along the most extrem track  that you could imagine.

Enjoy the article and hope to be able to officially confirm quite soon for the completion of this expedition.

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