CTSJA: Winner Team

Aleix Fàbregues: Overall winner

Alba Xandri: Overall female winner

Race start

Today, sunday 18/3, we have disputed the Road Duathlon of St.Joan Abadesses (Girona-Catalonia-Spain), my village. Although I’m still not too well on the muscle after the South Pole crushed, I did’nt want to miss it.

It was great … the new bike circuit is very funny for those of us who like racing and looking beautiful landscapes, and forgetting the drafting (go all together engaged). And the very hard stage for the bike, combined with the tough running circuit, has made this race very nice but also very selective and very tough.

Even I haven’t done a good race, our whole team has achieved a magnificent result. The Triathlon Club Sant Joan de les Abadesses (CTSJA) has won all categories:

– First overall in male category: Aleix Fàbregues (CTSJA)

– First overall in female category: Alba Xandri (CTSJA)

– Team winner: CTSJA

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