With the authorities, recibing the prize

Last Friday, the Catalan Alpine Federation (FEEC), gave me trophy as acknowledgement for the recent exploit of crossing Antarctica from the coast to the South Pole. A special mention made ​​in the act of the XVIII FEEC Festival, held in Barcelona.

At the same event were awarded all athletes or climbers of the FEEC featured in 2011.

The FEEC is the organization which represents and give services to all catalonian hikkers, climbers and mountain competitors. It is one of the mountaineering world’s most powerful federation, bringing together a huge  group, and with impressive numbers: 394 Clubs and Organizations.  70,000 members of alpine clubs. 35,000 people with license. 23 mountain huts. 9,000 km. of marked trails.

I have always been proud to be part of the FEEC, and it was quite an honor to receive this recognition.

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