Ticket Day - Vic 19-4-2012

Every day I have more work as speaker to reflect and disclose concepts related to attitudes, motivation, leadership, entrepreneurship and others.

Obviously part of this task is focused in a completely professional way, charging appropriate fees according to market rates. But I make some lectures completely altruistic, to share with specific groups some learnings coming from the intense experiences both in the world of adventure as entrepreneurship.

When is a professional issue, if I have agenda, I go where I’m called if we agree with the price. And when is a matter of pure cooperation, I try to focus on issues of universities or youth, and entrepreneurship. I would like to reach many more groups, but limit myself because it is impossible to be in all places where I am asked to.

This Thursday, for example, I have two lectures of this type, given as a collaboration, which make me special pleasure:

One is in the morning in the "Penitentiary for Young people", where I talk about the learning from the South Pole as a life experience, to a group with very complex circumstances.

The other is in the afternoon (20h) in Vic, where I will talk about the attitude of Entrepreneurship. It is open to everyone upon registration at:

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