1st and 2nd Stage : Completed!

Albert to ICE ULTRA



We have news from Albert!

He got in touch with us and explained he is very lively and quite well. On the other hand, however, there are some participants who are going trought a very hard time due to the extreme weather conditions.

The landscapes are spectacular, the route is really beautiful and inhospitable. Not ago too cold but it’s snowing a lot, deep soft snow conditions mean they have only been able to effectively run about 6 km. per stage, so the rest of the route (about 40 km. approximately every day) have had to us snow shoes. This involves a much slower pace, added  to the problems with blisters that begin to emerge.

The stages summary so far:

– Saturday 15th: 46 Km. stage in approximately 8 hours, being 5th on the solo category and and 1st on teams.

– Sunday 16th: Originally planned a 50 Km. stage, but was reduced to a 38 Km. one due to the snow pack in certain areas which delayed several hours the start of this stage. Finally it was again 5th on the general classification and 1st on teams, completing it in approximately 6 hours and 15 minutes.

– Monday 17th: It is a 44 Km. stage, and he started at 9 am.

Albert team mates are doing fine, Xavi Marina, second on the general classification and Tony Andrades being fourth.

We will continue sharing news!

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