Start 3rd Stage

After a short conversation with Albert, we now know that yesterday´s stage was dreadful; it’s still snowing and it has been impossible to run without snowshoes for the entire journey, which involves a much slower pace and, at the same time, blisters all over the place as these snowshoes aren’t made for running.

This 3rd stage (Monday 17th) was about 44 Km., and after km. 20 approximately, Albert completed the rest of the stage walking because of the blisters on his feet. He has finished in 8th position and completing the stage in 9 hours.

Xavi Marina is still 2nd and he’ll try to keep this advantage, and Tony Andrades is still 4th. Both of them are also having the same problems on their feet like most runners.

Today, at 8:00 am, the last and longest stage starts; 90 Km. to the finish line, in about 2 days. The organizers presume that the first runners will arrive in the early hours of tomorrow (Wednesday).

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