Next Tuesday 18th we present a new adventure … A very special world first time, that will not leave anyone indifferent, I guarantee!

We’ve been working on it for two years and has remained secret until next Tuesday. It is very challenging adventure, but also a project focused to innovation, environmental sustainability and leadership and values for the future.

I assure you that there is a high risk of failure, many people will criticize us, many will say it’s impossible, and we do not have everything 100% controlled.  I guess if one of the above ingredients would be missing, it would mean that are not really doing something new and different.  But that’s what motivates us: We are not going to repeat or improve what some others have already done before; we want to do something that has never been done … On the 18th you will tell me if I exaggerate or not

I invite you to follow this new challenge, and be part of those who live challenges with passion and bringing all the energy they can.

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