From 12 March to 19 March 2017
So much of the future depends on how we get there
The Team

Albert Bosch and Manu Bustelo will lead this project.

Both have a long adventure track record that has led them to cross deserts, jungles, oceans and the highest mountains of the planet, and has allowed them to reach a very complete vision in order to understand our planet. That is how both have developed a genuine commitment to sustainability, based on better protecting our ecosystem living in harmony with it, protecting instead of destroying it.

They met while studying a postgraduate course in "Sustainable Development" by the University of Columbia, and they decided to unite their capacities to promote projects of adventure committed to these values.

The "Andalucía EVENTURE" will complete a full tour to the Andalusian community using two 100% electric bikes manufactured in Spain by VOLTA.

They will be totally autonomous in their route through Andalusia, but they will have a team formed by both the technicians of the brand VOLTA to prepare the bikes, as well as by the people who will provide support from an office for communication and logistics management of the activity.