From 28 November to 04 December 2017
Running the desert against Climate Change

Exploring a new look of Nature

- Linking passion for adventure with environmental awareness.

- Using the adventure as an way to explore, communicate and raise awareness about the value of the natural habitat where each activity is done, while promoting an attitude of respect and protection towards biodiversity and the environment, and all that this entails for the well-being of humans.

- A new look focused on 4 axes:

1) AVENTURE LOOK: Nature as an environment of great value to enjoy exciting sport challenges and personal experiences.

2) HOLISTIC LOOK: Integral experience of the environment beyond our personal enjoyment, opening our mind and senses to a 360º vision of biodiversity and the relationship between human and nature.

3) CONSCIOUS LOOK: Become aware of all the positive and negative aspects of our interaction and impact with the natural environment.

4) COMMITTED LOOK: Become nature's ambassadors, doing something for it beyond enjoying or consuming it.


Other projects "World Nature Exploring":

  • Lake Inari crossing (Finland) - February 2017: Expedition focused on the sustainable exploitation of forests, highlighting boreal forests, key in the process of absorbing CO2 from the atmosphere.
  • Baltic Sea crossing (Finland-Sweden) - March 2017: Expedition focused on the effect of global warming on the Arctic ice and the consequences that this entails for the whole world.
  • "Marathon des Sables" Peru - November 2017: Challenge focused on the effect of climate change on the advance of desertification in many areas of the planet, and on compliance with COP23 agreements.


All our adventures are based on activities that are not part of a clear damage to natural environments and the environment in general. We are aware that any activity, no matter how sustainable it tries to be, causes an impact on the environment, but our commitment is to minimize it to the maximum in all senses, while taking advantage of it to generate other positive impacts in concrete actions and/or in disclosure of environmental attitudes. The goal of the adventure can not pass in front of the commitment of the project.

In this line, and understanding that air or land travels to the point of completion of each adventure, have an impact on unavoidable emissions, we will compensate all the CO2 emissions that are generated by the transport attached to each challenge, thanks to the program KILÓMETROS VERDES.