From 28 November to 04 December 2017
Running the desert against Climate Change

We will run for a week along one of the most beautiful deserts in the world: the desert of ICA, in Peru. We can consider ourselves fortunate to enjoy our passion for sport in a magical environment like this. But we refuse to be cynics only thinking about enjoying without being aware of the biggest crisis that our planet is suffering, and that among other consequences, will cause the desertification of many regions: the Climate Change.

We will run, enjoy and communicate about this special challenge, but we will not look the other way, and through this event we will reflect on Climate Change and the demand that it be treated as a major crisis throughout society and especially on the part of the political and economic elite. For this reason, from the this desert we will use the motto "We love the deserts, but no more deserts - Fight Climate Change"

The COP23 has just been celebrated in Bonn, which shows timid advances regarding the great global agreement on Climate Change in Paris in 2015 (COP21), where for the first time all the UN member states recognized the seriousness of the problem and made a courageous commitment to stop it. But the short term and the GDP are the main goal, and the leaders of most countries do not execute most of the agreements, demonstrating themselves as absolutely irresponsible to the greatest problem for the humanity.

On November 13th., 15,000 scientists from 184 countries made a manifesto in which they warned that the reaction time is running out and that we are moving towards a total collision with nature, in which all biodiversity will lose, but above all, it will affect very badly to the human species.

Since the appearance of man, CO2 (main greenhouse gas) has been at levels of between one hundred and eighty to two hundred and eighty parts per million, and in little more than one hundred years human activity has raised it to four hundred; a level that is considered extremely dangerous for the acceleration of climate change. There is no natural cycle on this planet capable of producing something like that so fast. Something similar already happened in prehistoric times, although that happened gradually over periods of thousands of years. The last time this Co2 concentration was reached was between one and three million years ago, when the weather was warmer, our ancestors did not even exist and the sea level was well above the current one.

In the last hundred years, the average temperature of the Earth's surface increased by 0.74 ° C; and according to the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change of the UN, very prudent organization because it is filtered by the interests and pressures of many states), it is expected that during this century the global temperature will rise between 0.3 and 1.7 ° C in the most optimistic scenario, with the lowest level of emissions achieved by the massive mitigation programs for the emission of greenhouse gases; and between 2.6 to 4.8 ° C for the most pessimistic scenario, in case we did not change anything of what we are currently doing. And surpasssing the 2ºC would cause very serious and irreversible consequences for human life and other species on Earth.

The main causes that accelerate climate change are related to emissions from the combustion of fossil fuels; but also for other causes such as deforestation or food production.

So the most urgent measures that have to be adopted at the level of great policy, but also at the level of each of us as consumers or as leaders of our own daily activity at whatever level (professionals, businessmen, athletes, politicians, actors, etc ...), should be focused on the following basic points:

  • Generalized adoption of renewable energies, promoting the use of electricity in all processes and replacing fossil fuels
  • Promote a change towards more vegetable and less animal diets
  • Promote the further reduction of fertility rates
  • Reduce deforestation and create large protected reserves
  • Promote a more efficient and sustainable economy (from politics, businesses and consumers)

Many athletes associate their challenges with solidarity campaigns in different areas, and that is very good and tremendously necessary, but it is just as important to fight for environmental causes in general and for Climate Change in particular, because these are the first cause of most social problems that then occur. We can (and we must) fight so that dozens of children do not die of hunger, but we have to be aware that this is like putting a plaster on the wound, because if we do not solve the primary causes of environmental origin, millions of children will die , by droughts, by water pollution, by lack of food, by extreme weather phenomena, by epidemics, by massive migrations and by many other consequences that are directly or indirectly related to Climate Change.

Even if we do not care too much or are not entirely sure of the human responsibility in the accelerated climate change that we live, we should choose to act responsibly, because apart from mitigating or solving the problem of climate change, we will be putting in motion dynamics that would entail infinity of collateral benefits in our relationship with the natural environment, which would undoubtedly be very positive for our species and for all biodiversity.

The "World Nature Exploring" team is not willing to lose any opportunity to contribute to the fight against this great climate crisis that we are facing, and from this desert we will contribute our bit in that direction.

We will fight to overcome this great personal challenge posed by the 250Km in self-sufficiency that lies ahead, and we will fight for making it useful to help us all push a little more to create a better future for the entire planet Earth, which with all its life, is our only home.