From 28 November to 04 December 2017
Running the desert against Climate Change

The MARATHON DES SABLES is one of the most demanding races in the world, one of the big sports indispensable challenges for real adventurers and lovers of the Ultra-Endurance running challenges.  This event push the runners to their limits, crossing 250km in 6 stages (7 days), among 30 and 80Km km though the desert, supporting temperatures of up to 40ºC and being totally autonomous (except for water supply)

After 32 mythical editions played at Moroccan Sahara, for the very first time the MARATHON DES SABLES will be organized in a different part of the world: the magnificent ICA desert.

The world most reputated stages ultramarathon, will premiere a location for both the organization and the participants.  The extreme desertic terrain will put everyone at the limit mixing stones, tracks, former dry lakes and, of course, a lot of dunes

A unique challenge to live and coexist in the desert, finding the self formula of conciliation with the elements of the environment, facing the most deep-rooted fears, feeling the sense of the adventure, and giving wings to the dreams.

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