From 28 November to 04 December 2017
Running the desert against Climate Change
WAA Ultra Lightweight T-Shirt

With this project, apart from encouraging you to run or do sports and have a healthy life, we also propose that you put a personal challenge that contributes to the reduction of Climate Change and the serious environmental consequences.

It must be a concrete action that you incorporate into your habits from now on (which you are not already doing), which logically will involve a small or great effort (but there is the true spirit of overcoming, like in the ultra marathons), and that have a positive impact on some of the key factors needed to reduce climate change.

Think your challenge, and if you send it to the [email protected] email or you register it as a message on the website, we promise to publish it on this website (if you authorize it in the mail), and you will enter the draw for this material:

  • WAA Ultra Lightweight T-Shirt
  • INJINJI socks
  • Pack of POWERBAR products
  • Genuine Nepali wool cap


As an example, we have already decided our personal challenge in the fight against Climate Change:

Quim Tribó: "Compensate the CO2 emissions of all my plane trips"

Jose Arimany: "Move to a renewable energy electric company"

Albert Bosch: "Making my diet 70% vegetarian"