From 04 January to 17 January 2015
17 January 2015

Dakar Rally 2015 is over, and foremost, I want to congratulate all those who have finished, and especially to those who have won in their respective categories.

But without diminishing the effort and sporting value, I would like to take this moment to raise some questions as deeper reflection further the purely sporting side, because if we want good answers, we need to ask good questions. Excuse me if I am wrong in some question or if I affect any sensitivity:

- The sport has to be just an entertainment and show, or also has to transmit values?

- Oil is the leading cancer of our planet. If we love motor racing, why don't we fight to reduce the importance of fossil fuels, and promote alternative energies that will make us enjoy the same and avoid promoting a disease that is polluting us all?

- Motor racing has to be just performance and speed, or has to be a test lab for innovation in the service of society?

- Many participants are there to get a great satisfaction and fulfillment overcoming the toughest motor race in the world, but ... have them ever wondered what value are they bringing to the world beyond their individual happiness?

- Who is the real winner: whoever runs much and does not know where he is going, or the one who thinks carefully where we go or should go, and struggle to advance in that direction even slower?

- The target (fun and show) always justifies the means?

- Isn't there any limit of values in adventure or sport activities?

- As the main sponsor of the winners of all categories corresponds to a drink that is a real chemistry shit that promotes only a superficial lifestyle, and anyone, with minimal intelligence, would give to their children, I wonder: Is there any  participant who cares about the values associated with the brands they have in their clothes or vehicle?

- For the 655 participants in the Dakar (between drivers and co-drivers), all assistance and all the fans, I would ask them to think just a little while in the following two questions: How do I want the world to be for my children? What am I willing to do to make it happen?

I love Dakar, and I think it is not the direct blame of nothing, nor more or less bad than many of the regular activities of our society. But it's a perfect metaphor and an ideal platform for the communication and reflection, in order to be aware that today, more than ever, our individual and collective impact capacity on the world is huge. We have an immense potential to do much damage, and also do great things. And when doing anything, each of us has the responsibly to decide if he wants to create a negative or positive impact.

Then we can run, enjoy and pursue personal development; but before starting going fast, think well where we should go. Just use a little bit less the stopwatch ant a little bit more the compass, please!
terry mrakovcic
12 August 2015
21:03 H
"less stopwatch more compass"...einstein would have loved this article
beautifully said,just beautiful

bravo my friend
mauricio salazar
05 April 2015
23:39 H
Albert; he llegado del Dakar conociéndome mas, creo que a todos les pasa.......pero creo que si no aporto algo a mi entorno social después de la experiencia Dakar; todo el esfuerzo será en vano. Los sueños, los retos, el sacrificio, la perseverancia para llegar a un Dakar son las cosas que nos pueden hacer triunfar en el Rally de nuestras vidas. Desde Colombia un abrazo grande
Pedro Puertas Herrera
28 March 2015
11:44 H
Albert Bosch, sin duda, deberías estar en Fair Play Riders
Carlos Fulquet
17 January 2015
21:09 H
Coincido , el mundo cambia, los espectaculos deberian adecuarse a la nuevas y reales necesidades.
El petroleofue el gran combustible del siglo XX, le impulsó las economías, también contribuyó en gran forma a la contaminación ambiental.
Lo triste es ver como productos tontos (Coke, Speed, Red Bull, etc) ocupan la mente y el consumo sin sentido, el agua pura y simple es el mejor medio de hidratación.
Paremos a " afilar el hacha", pensar, dejar de comportarnos como masa.
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