From 12 March to 19 March 2017
So much of the future depends on how we get there
15 March 2017


Today we had a complete menu: we started very early in the morning while it was raining (cool, isn't it?), because we wanted to have breakfast in Barbate while we loaded the bikes, and then being able to enjoy one of the most beautiful areas of the Andalusian coast, next to the beach, on the way to "Zahara de los Atunes", then driving along the tracks of the Tarifa windmills, following with the amazing views of the surfers and kiters of the beach of Tarifa, and then driving lots of kilometers to Malaga.

Someone said that fortune smiles at those who are brave, and maybe that's the reason why when we arrived in Barbate, after almost two hours loading, rain stopped, the sun rised, and all this allowed us to do the most interesting part of the stage in good weather and excellent conditions to record nice videos and make very cool photos to share with you.

A great moment of the day has been being able to circulate along the tracks that run through one of Spain's largest wind farms, and it is there where we and our electric motorcycles feel "On Fire" living in the present what we dream that should be the Future: the use and generation of clean energy.

This has been the nice part, and then has come the least positive one. Albert has entered the beach area of ​​Tarifa with only 4 or 5% battery, and after stopping the bike in order to do some photos, then it did not start (it needs a minimum of 5% to start once stopped)... we were becoming ready to push the bikes about 3 kilometers along sandy beach paths, when we saw a huge motorhome near with a german family who was traveling around the world, and they were very kind to let us plug enough time to have the minimum energy to start and arrive to the nearest bar/restaurant.

After a full load of motorbikes batteries and also bring energy to our bodies we started a long trip till the end of the stage, with  some rain visiting us time to time.  After 2 hours driving, another 2 hours loading, another 2 hours drivind and 2 hours, and like this we reached the final destination at one o'clock at the night (230Km in total)... Once there, we had to write this post, send some photos, and prepare everythings for next days... and sleep a little bit.

All this in order to make you understand that this kinds of trips are very cool, interesting and we are having fun, of course; but behind that there's a great effort and perseverance (even it's not a purely physical adventure).   But writing this, even though we are nearly getting slept, we are very happy being able to make projects connected with our passion, connected with a commitment of sustainability, and connected with all of you, who follow us through this web or any of our social networks.

Beach of Tarifa
Beach of Tarifa
Beach of Zahara de los Atunes
17 March 2017
19:45 H
Saludos desde el sur de Chile. Estoy enamoradísima de Ud. y sus relatos...(con todo respeto).

Disfruto tanto leer a personas que vibran con lo que hacen.
Felicidades y espero que siga "empapándose" de muchos caminos.
Gracias por compartir.
Rafa Yanes
16 March 2017
13:53 H
Hola Albert,
Un día complert,complert....
Gracies por compartir aquesta experiencia amb tanta passió,amb les condicions i les hores que ho expliques.
Els paisatges i les fotos son genials!!
Ànims !!!
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