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It is curious that at a time when everyone complains about everything, it is perceived that all the circumstances complicate our lives, and it seems that grey is the color of the present and immediate future, I cannot stop meeting super qualified  people (whom many mistakenly called 'disabled'), who have learned to be super happy and [...]

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With this Post starts the new Website that I will use from now on to cover all the communication of the adventure and entrepreneurial activities (and related topics) that I'm doing.In the Everest Base Camp, just after the summit (Photo attached), I decided to activate this new communication tool to give visibility to the different activities [...]

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Bye, bye ‘7 Summits’

Today I write the last post on the website of the 7Summits. After three years of operation of the website, I have made a total of 360 posts, and having completed the project, I hereby closed a road full of emotions, suffering, memories, incredible images, moments and comments shared with many people, hours and hours [...]

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