Bye, bye ‘7 Summits’

Today I write the last post on the website of the 7Summits.

After three years of operation of the website, I have made a total of 360 posts, and having completed the project, I hereby closed a road full of emotions, suffering, memories, incredible images, moments and comments shared with many people, hours and hours of searching the right words, and great enthusiasm invested in these texts.

So much time communicating facts and reflections on the evolution of this adventure and other things,  have made me feel very identified and linked to this WEBSITE ( But to break new ground, we have to close some doors as we go forward. And today plays terminate this chapter.

Finishing this 7Summits website, just the day after celebrating the closing of the project with a super party shared with many friends and acquaintances. A party that started from the 7Summits, but that connected the power of many people who accompanied me at this stage, and it is linked to the realization of another dream: Camila Vargas for being a singer, despite their complicated health conditions .

I feel sorry because all the experiences during this journey through the highest mountains on each continent, jumps to be part of the memory file.  Sometimes I think I would have had to invent a 50 Summits Project, in order not to stop travelling with this intensity. But I’m very happy because learning and discovery so much from the same project, have strengthened me a lot so I can raise other equally or more attractive targets.

Farewells the ‘7 Summits’, next Monday (day 20 / 9) will welcome the new web I invite you to follow me along this new space, where I will communicate a lot of adventures and projects that I have in my head or in progress, and will focus also a relationship in the world of adventure and entrepreneurship of life and/or professional.

Hoping it was not too boring for you reading my texts, and being able to bring something positive to you along this time from the website of the ‘7 Summits ‘, I say goodbye giving you many thanks for having gone along, while I will give you a huge ‘HELLO’ in capital letters next Monday in my personal website, and also giving you thanks for joining me to share there an intense “Spirit of Adventure”

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