Everest B.C. – After Summit

With this Post starts the new Website that I will use from now on to cover all the communication of the adventure and entrepreneurial activities (and related topics) that I’m doing.

In the Everest Base Camp, just after the summit (Photo attached), I decided to activate this new communication tool to give visibility to the different activities I do, and to communicate ideas around this concept I called " Spirit of Adventure" involving all aspects where an adventurous attitude can help us live with greater intensity, passion and motivation: The sport, work, life in general…

I’m happy with how it has been this website, but seeing it finished, I get the feeling that I bought a Ferrari to go to buy bread. I do not know if I have enough level or content for such a powerful tool. A lot of people will think that I do show off, but I do not put anything invented, and indeed, pick up more than half of my life dedicated to making crazy things of any kind. And indeed, if one seeks a particular positioning itself to ambitious projects, and having the support of sponsors to make them, he cannot remain at a level of total discretion and not wanting to have a certain visibility.

What I do have clear regarding the contents generation for this new website, is that I will work always based on some basic parameters that constitute a kind of rules for me:

1)    I will not talk about personal issues. Here my family or social life has no place. It will cover issues related to adventure, entrepreneurship, sports in general, and attitudes or values related to this.

2)    I will try to get away from dogmatic positions or believe that, by the fact that I am convinced that a certain attitude may be valid for what I’m doing, is an absolute truth. Everyone knows what suits him and how you wants to focus their actions, and I do not want to preach from this space.

3)    I will Make it clear that for me, although I have a very intense life and approach to critical moments in certain activities, limits do exist, and are very important. Among others: Enjoy the risk without rashness, always give priority to the family in my life projects and adventures, seek balance in all aspects of my activity (Professional – Personal – Family – Sports), do not use artificial substances to improve performance, always work for a good return and image for sponsors, etc. …

4)    I will always pursue an attitude of discovery and learning in all projects that I have the luck to be doing. The most beautiful part of Adventure is that it always drives you to uncertain and unknown areas, and one must be humble and aware that knows very little, getting personal enrichment after all.

5)    I want to share with everyone who follows this site, the most interesting content as possible, the conclusions of all this learning, discovering new places that we visit, and contribute more things than only about what I am just doing.

6)    I will update the Web at least once or twice a week when not immersed in any particular project. And when I’ll be in action, I promise to make every effort (which is not always an easy thing to meet), so that everyone can live the most of every adventure.

7)    I will show myself as a rebel against the "Carpe Diem".  Although I think it is absolutely necessary to know how  to live as intensely as possible each precise moment, one also has to be always working and planning for the future, because it will determine whether we can live many interesting moments later.

8)    I will try whenever possible, to focus on meaningful adventures. After more than two decades devoted to making ambitious projects, I really think that I do not do it  just to have fun and make four beautiful pictures. The concepts and the meaning that is given and is extracted from each event are much more important than the entertainment they can bring.

9)    I’ll work on the line to make energy sharing things with many people, as long as anyone does a bit or very severe action, he generates more energy than you need. And harnessing this energy can provide many more results than the central objective itself of each project.

10) The only point where I will show myself with a bit radical opinion, is the approaching of the attitude around everything which will come out on this site. Despite my promises not to be dogmatic, it true that from my particular point of view, I am really convinced that we are all responsible for our attitude. And with a positive attitude we always have so much strength for achieving everything we want, whatever the circumstances we find in the way.

Welcome as this new space, where I have put and I will put a lot of illusion, work, energy and positive attitude so that we can share a certain Spirit of Adventure, always necessary to live intensely

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