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It is curious that at a time when everyone complains about everything, it is perceived that all the circumstances complicate our lives, and it seems that grey is the color of the present and immediate future, I cannot stop meeting super qualified  people (whom many mistakenly called ‘disabled’), who have learned to be super happy and have a lot of motivations and projects, despite having quite adverse conditions in their life.

We are working with Pep Busquets on a project to run the upcoming Spanish  Raids Championship (with him as co-pilot I did the Dakar 2000, becoming the first team in history that managed to complete the rally driving only with hands-Pep lives on a Wheel chair-). Four and half months ago I summited Everest with Nelson Cardona, who has a leg amputated due to a climbing accident. On day 15 of this month we presented at the ‘Luz de Gas’, the first song of Camila Vargas, a 15 yearls old child/youth who only has only a 20% lung capacity. And now I stand here with Pancho, a concentrate of pure energy, who is painting despite being blind.

Fred (pictured with Camilla and his friend Luis Manuel) is a 100% lively person.  He is Happy, he is extremely accomplished, he has an incredible vital motivation, and it turns out that although she could not see, he dreams and draws hi dreams. He won second prize in the ‘New Genius’ contest, which is prepared since seven years ago COCARMI (Catalan Committee of representatives of persons with disabilities). This crack was with us at the party "Seven Summits and a Dream" and he gave it to me and Camila, a T-shirt with the winner drawing.

You can follow Pancho through his blog: http://www.seeuproductions.blogspot.com/

And we can all think a bit on if, instead of spending so much energy complaining about the circumstances, we invest activating in our life projects, whatever circumstances we have in live.

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