With Manu Lafora - POLAR IBÉRICA Director

My RS800cx

With POLAR in Action

This week we closed a technical sponsorship agreement with the POLAR brand, a world leader in heart rate monitors, which has evolved into a global innovation, focusing on ultra-portable devices to support the training and conduct of all physical activities.  In the picture I’m with Manu Lafora, Director of Polar Ibérica.


As they say: "Listen to your body is one thing, but understanding what he’s saying is quite different." Therefore, they are based on specialization in different sports, physiology and technology on one hand, and a deep understanding of user needs on the other. And I suppose that an agreement with a quite mature sportsman/adventurer (44 years old), who practices extreme activities in many diverse disciplines, it is still interesting for their own test or data analysis, such as brand positioning, since not all have to be very young super-elite athletes, ultra-specialized, and totally focused on the outcome of the competition, when there are so many exciting and extremely interesting challenges in the world of sport and adventure.

POLAR is a company that conveys confidence, passion and ambition to be the best. Therefore, after 30 years, the success is obvious: They currently employ 1,200 people in the world, and has 26 branches distributing to 80 countries.

I am happy to start this new stage as a "POLAR Man" because I’m sure it will be very enriching, and both sides will bring us good things.

Whaoooo … And the machine I am wearing now at the wrist (a RS800CX) is great … The benefits, ease of use, aesthetics and the potential for the train and the analysis, are really impressing.

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  1. Carlinhos 6 October, 2010 at 13:35

    Això és el que necessito per intentar seguir-te… je, je, je

  2. Triarkadi 4 October, 2010 at 14:47

    Cordons Albert!
    Ara ja no hi haurà qui t’atrapi!!!!!!!!!!

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