Next week you can already find in most of the bookstores my new book titled "SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE – The 7 Challenges of the Entrepreneur."

I encourage you to read it and step into an intense reflection on the entrepreneur fact, in this case primarily focused at the business, but also interpretable in many other facets of life, and illustrated with many examples from first-person experiences, both in the world of entrepreneurial adventure as adventure sports.

Next Thursday 28th. at 19h30, we present it at the Bookstore BERTRAND from Barcelona (Rambla Catalunya, 37), where apart from me, will also speak SERGIO BULAT, Editor of active enterprises, and NANI ROMA, Rally-Raid driver and first Spanish man to win the Dakar Rally.

I has been a long time for me working in this new this new literary adventure, and you’re all invited to share now the moment of its staging.

Unfortunately, at the moment the book is only available in spanish.  I am working now in order to find an editor for the english version, which I expect to close in the near future.

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  1. Alex E. 22 October, 2010 at 19:01

    Jo no podré venir que estic una mica massa lluny! però espero llegir-lo aviat!

    Que vagi molt bé!!!

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