Jordi and me, the day bejore of the Marathon

The Athens Acropolis at the back of the picture

Sunday October 31st. 2010:  We will start running at Marathon and we will do 42.195 Km. to reach the centre of Athens, like Philipides did 2.500 years ago.

We will run some hours absolutely connected to the history, celebrating an anniversary impossible to meet for any other sport.  2.500 years from the fact that became a lot of centuries after, the most mythic race: The Marathon.

There are different legends around the history of Marathon battle.  There is one with a lot of sense and which I like very much, explaining that, in Athens, women were waiting to know if their husbands had loss or win the Marathon’s battle, because the Persian promised to attack Athens, raping all women and killing their kids.  The Greeks took a radical decision:  If their women didn’t receive news of their victory before one exact hour of the indicated day, they would commit suicide in order to avoid the enemy’s humiliation. The Greeks won, but later than the date forecasted.  If they didn’t inform Athens immediately, they would find their wives dead when arriving home.  Therefore, the maximum general decided to send urgently a man with the news, Philipides.  He run without stopping at all during hours; he arrived before the limit hour, and before falling dead, he could only say one word: NIKÉ (Victory).

Any endurance runner aims to do Athens Marathon at least one time in his live; and my friend Jordi Vila and me, we are going to make this dream real in the same year that a magical anniversary is taking place.

I finished the JUNGLE MARATHON (222 Km. in 6 stages at the Amazon) just one two weeks ago. Muscularly, I feel quite well, but the state of my feet still suffers extreme punishment to which I submitted them in the jungle, running always wet and dirty. The blisters are not yet fully healed. If it would be any other race, I would cancel my participation. But here I have a reserved place since 10 months ago, and I will not miss it just for feeling a little bit of pain during the test. If Philipides died to communicate the Victory to his people, I can endure a little pain to honor his achievement and greatly enjoy celebrating such a special moment surrounded by thousands of runners from around the world. A great occasion to apply the sentence that says: "Pain is inevitable, suffering is an option"

Jordi and me, we have our special date with history.

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