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The Broken Helmet

For thos who still don't use helmet when Biking

Today we ran the first test of the Mountain Duathlon Circuit… And I can not say exactly that I’m gone too well.

The fact is that early after starting the bike transition, I had a championship "Crash".  I Have gone quite slow in the first run, because I was still toired on my legs after the Athens Marathon the previous week, and I was in a position much more delayed the usual for me. For this reason, I started to catch many people by bike, and I was so excited, and I was enjoying so much, that while overtaking a group of three duathletes, I’ve really crashed.

Results: The helmet destroyed (You can see the photo attached), a hematoma super scratched on the leg and arm, and a strong dislocation at the junction between the collarbone and shoulder. Fortunately and inexplicably (for the accident I hat), I have nothing broken.

Now I will relax for ten days to recover, and to think that it is quite good that from time to time we have some incidents.  If not,  we often forget that any activity we do, behave or not much perceived risk, can be dangerous if not extreme care.

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  1. Francesc Comellas 7 November, 2010 at 23:58

    Si noi, aixó ja va amb el preu, els que fem una mica l’animalot, de vegades ens passen aquestes coses.
    A millorar-se, ànims.


  2. andreu mateu lamas 7 November, 2010 at 23:43

    Aixo et pasa per no have anat a rebre el papa… Deu t´ha castigat… jajajajaja

    Millorat xato !!!

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