This saturday I start a battery of lectures which will bring me to 9 events in the next month.

For anyone interested in attending any of the talks, I detail the schedule below.


  • November 18th. – 19h – Igualada (Barcelona): "Attitude, the change energy" – Congress ‘Let’s Win the future’ –


  • November 21st. – 10h – Calldetenes (Barcelona): "The Adventure of Living" – IX Week of Science and II Scientific International Congress of Calldetenes –


  • November 21st. – 19h30 – Calldetenes (Barcelona): Roud Table "The Man and the world" – With Tomàs Molina (Meteorologist from TV3), Àngel Ferrer (Emerital Teacher from Kioto University), and Pere Tremolosa (Scientific Coordinator). – IX Week of Science and II Scientific International Congress of Calldetenes –


  • November 22nd. – 19h – Selva del Camp (Tarragona): "The Spirit of Adventure and the Business World" – With Luis Moya (Rally Copilot), Luis Enrique (Football player) and Gemma Mengual (Synchronized Swimming Champion) – Business & Talk Club –


  • November 26th. – 12h30 – El Vendrell (Tarragona): "Managing in an Uncertain World" – 17 Congress of trade fairs of Catalonia –


  • November 27th. – 19h30 – Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona): "The 7 Summits: A great journey around the world" – Annual Day of the Unió Excursionista S.J.Abadesses –


  • November 30th. – 19h – Barcelona – "Jungle Marathon – An extreme maratón at the Amazon Jungle" – Organizad by VITAE in the Chocolate Museum from Barcelona –


  • December 15th. – 20h – Madrid: "The Spirit of Adventure" – Book presentation in Madrid – Club Zayas/Asociación Cultural –

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