With Jaume at the Jungle Marathon

On the team JUNGLE.CAT with which we won the JUNGLE MARATHON, not only had a couple of monsters on Ultra-Running (Jaume Tolosa and Xavi Marina), but the first one, apart from great distance runner, he writes very well.  Therefore I encourage you to read  the detailed reviews of each of the phases of this Amazonian adventure that he is publishing weekly in his blog:

Blog Jaume:  jaumetolosa.blogspot.com

For those who like the sport of running, who like the nature, who like the curious experiences or simply to those who want some fun reading about an upcoming story, real, and full of epic and good humor, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The blog is only in Catalan, but you can use any Internet translator to read it in English.

As I do so many different adventures, I realize that I must pay the price of not being able to go too deep into each of them, and therefore I appreciate what they do athletes like Jaume, because not only are particularly remarcable in their sport but, as in his case, he knows how to communicate in a pleasant way, and with great quality.

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