With the '7Summits' conmemorative Ice Axe

Jordi Miguel: The Mountain Club President giving me the Ice Axe

Those with 25 and 50 years of membership in the Mountain Club

The Triathlon Club runners

Jordi Roquer: The Triathlon Club president

This weekend I have been at the Member’s day of two of the three entities that belong on my hometown: The Mountain Club, and the Abadesses Triathlon Club (The third is the Moto Club Abadesses)

With the Triathlon Club we made a meal with about 25 du and triathletes of the 40 runners in the Club, and we shared moments and images of the entire racing season. There is a great atmosphere and great potential, especially in the female category, because for both mountain and road, they are always the first and favorite to win the final.

With the Mountain Club I made a conference about the ‘7 Summits’ challenge, and then we did the fellowship dinner with about 70 attendees of all ages. This event presented the diplomas to certify members who have made a peak over 3,000 meters, the badges to those with 25 or 50 years of membership, and gave me a wooden memorial "Piolet" (like the "Golden Piolet’), to recognize the finishing of the project of climbing the highest peaks on each continent.

All in all, a magnificent moments, where one can see the importance of being part of a collective, to be aware of what is your real background, and to share your hobbies with people who love the sport and, above all, to see the illusion, energy and commitment of all the people who manage these institutions without expecting anything in return beyond the satisfaction of having done something positive for the people, for the sport they love, and bring a bit to make the living and welfare of our society a little better.

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