Just the last book of the writer and adventurer, Sergio Fernández, the same who wrote the "7 Deserts with a pair of wheels", after crossing the major deserts of the world by bicycle and solo.

This book is very important to me, and especially for Pep Busquets, friend and companion of many adventures.

The book treats twenty great stories of adapted sports. All cases are very strong, and are beautifully described by the pen of Sergio.  But I emphasize the Pep chapter, for a lifetime devoted to the world of motor racing, both before and after the accident that left him 18 years forever sitting in a wheelchair.

Until that time he was devoted to the trial, and had come to sign as official driver of one of the leading brands of the moment. Since the accident, he began to recover mentally, and redirect his live so that he could continue to strive to live their passions. He has been a Raid Champion of Spain in different categories, when competing against drivers with no disability, since there is no motor for disabled pilots.

The highlight of his sporting career has been participating in the Dakar on three occasions. And especially in 2000 when we made together (he as a pilot and me as co-pilot) the Dakar rally.  He was the first Spanish in a wheelchair facing the toughest motor race in the world, and we became the first team in the history to finish the Dakar driving only with hands.

Since a long time ago we support each other in various activities; the 3 Dakars from Pep have always been as part of teams that I’ve ridden with my partner / friend Rafal Galán; and now we’ve just closed a sponsorship agreement with the Grupo Sifu Foundation, IM3 Engineering, and Driving Events, which will let Pep run all Spanish Raid Championship 2011. The goal for next year is simple: Try to get an overall victory! Almost nothing, isn’t it? … And does anyone believe that Pep is a "Disabled"? Or rather we should consider hem a "Over capable"?

I strongly recommend this book … and I invite you to think about one of the most powerful phrases that I think should never have been written: "We can not choose the circumstances, but we can choose our attitude in front of the circumstances" … And the 20 examples of "Lives with No Limit" are clear examples.


AUTHOR:  Sergio Fernández Tolosa


ISBN: 978-84-937704-7-1

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  1. David 3 December, 2010 at 04:33

    La frase que esmentes és boníssima, em recorda la seva història a la de l’Isidre Esteve.

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