Team SABLES.CAT - MDS 2011

(I a D) David Saporta - Jo - Cristina Sans - Jose Arimany - Jordi Vila - Jordi Font - Quim Tribó

Training Sables.Cat (Sau Swamp) - 7/12/2010 - 7h15 - 14Km

Training Sables.Cat (Susqueda Dam) - 7/12/2010 - 9h30 - 30Km

Training Sables.Cat (Girona) - 7/12/2010 - 14h15 - 64Km

We have already set up the SABLES.CAT Team to participate in the next edition of the "Marathon des Sables"

The 7 team members (from left to right in the main picture) are: Jordi Vila, David Saporta, Myself, Jordi Font, Cristina Sans, Jose Arimany i Tribó Quim.

Our goal is clear: We will not win anything, but we will live a brutal experience and we will laugh a lot together.

Last Tuesday we made the first ‘official’ training all together, with the exception of the Amazon of the group (Cristina), who could not come with us because she had to work.

A 65Km. training in one day, going from Tavernoles (Vic) to Girona in about 7 hours, it’s a nice and very productive challenge to prepare an ultra-marathon, like the ‘Marathon des Sables’

Leaving at 6 o’clock in the morning near the Parador de Sau, covering all the Sau, Susqueda and Pasteral swamps, in oder to arrive at the "Green Way" that goes between Olot and Girona, and come to this city at 14h after a break / breakfast for an hour halfway.

I do many activities throughout the year, and some of them are shared with friends, and some others I have to prepare them alone. I can therefore fully appreciate the extraordinary value of doing special things with close friends, and enjoy the full 360 degrees of experience included in preparing and living a great event.

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  1. Toni 8 December, 2010 at 20:30

    Sou uns cracs! La Marathon des Sables és la prova més emblemàtica -i dura- de les que es fan i es desfan. Endavant i força!

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