With Antoni Puig, Director of PASCH Barcelona

A few days ago we signed a personal sponsorship deal for the year 2011 with the company PASCH.

The collaboration with PASCH will reach transversally all sports activities that I will do next year, and also will use all kinds of synergies we can bring each another  with  visibility and relationships (Conferences, Public Events, Press, Commercial Relations , etc.).

This sponsorship reflects the will of the company to manage business relationships and communication through differential and innovative ways about the practice in the industry.

PASCH is a nearly a century-old Spanish company (Founded in 1913), with offices in Bilbao, Madrid, Barcelona and Lisboa, and specialized in the sale of engines and large power equipments and services for the Marine sector, Railway, Energy and Mining .

In the picture I am with Antoni Puig, director of the Barcelona office, at the time of signing the partnership agreement.

The first adventure where we will share image with PASCH, will be the next Dakar Rally starting in Buenos Aires on January the 1st..

More information: http://www.pasch.es/

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