Paper Presentation Invitation


This Wednesday the 15th. at 20h, we do a presentation of the book "Spirit of Adventure" in Madrid, at the ZAYAS CULTURAL ASSOCIATION, Calle Príncipe de Vergara, 40.

It is important to me to be present in the Spanish capital in an event like this, and I invite those who are in Madrid or those who have family, friends or coworkers there, to come or to communicate them about this event.

Obviously do not know as many people in Madrid as I do in Barcelona, and I can not afford to be so ambitious about the assistance as in the presentation made on 28 October, but I hope that from my contacts, those of Strategycomm (My press agency), and also the Editorial URANO-EMPRESA ACTIVA we will have a good Quorum for this event.

Anyway, launching myself into a public act, always requires a small risk; but this is the essence of any entrepreneur who pursues the fact of achieving any objectives.

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