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Camila, Monica Sans, Gladys Estrada (Camila’s Mother) and myself, we have become a kind of "Camila & The Triplets" super-integrated, and sharing dreams and projects from the energy and magnetism coming from the vitality and talent of Camila.

Since the project "7 Summits and a Dream", we strongly joined the three in order to record and release the first song written and sung by Camila, we have been doing stuff to promote to the young future star, and preparing circumstances for more ambitious projects; which the main one of which should be recording a full album of songs from Camila.

From late October Camila has appeared in various prominent media such as La Vanguardia or TVE. On Tuesday November 30 he received a super tribute at the health center of the Valle de Hebron (Barcelona), during a day of volunteering. And just last Monday we met the three for the first time in a communication media, linking our three profiles from the common bond that is music in general, and specifically Camila’s song.

In the photos you can see an image of this interview on "The Second Education" at COM RADIO, you can hear clicking HERE

Also, who wants to hear the first song of Camilla, entitled "LO PUEDO CONSEGUIR" (I can get It), it can be found on his MySpace website:, or directly clicking HERE

One requirement: When you hear the song, I only ask that you play it with a bit of relax, and concentrate as much as possible in his letter, thinking it was written, composed and sung by a girl of 15 who only has a 20% lung capacity, and is awaiting a lung transplant at any time, as the only way to go out of a lethal threat to his life, and minimally in order to improve their quality of life.

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