Arriving at Folgueroles Duathlon (Photo: Angel Vinyeta)

Boxes Folgueroles Duathlon

My calendar of events and trainings doesn’t let me do all Mountain Duathlons that I would like.   I have done many years Catalan circuit  of Mountain Duathlons, but now I just do some races time to time, if they cope me well by date or by proximity.

I run duathlons since a lot of years time, always belonging to the Club Triathlon Sant Joan de les Abadesses.  It is really an specialty that I like simple, because it is quite simple, it requires you much physically effort, includes two forms which I enjoy a lot (running and biking), and they tend to be near Vic, where I live, and I am always at home for lunch when I run on.

Today I run the Folgueroles Duathlon, my third this season, and the first I’ve done minimally well. In Vallfogona (November), I fell and nearly broke my shoulder. In Solsona (December) I was touched and frightened by the shoulder injury and having responsibility for having the Dakar just around the corner. And today I could be comfortable and thoroughly within my level. Finally I have finished 60 overall within the 178 runners, and have provided the necessary points for the team (top 3 score) for finishing third in the Clubs category.

I’m happy, because I’ve gone back to ride quickly after super bike Slap in November, and because despite being basically training long distance in a very slow speed for ultra marathons, I have been going pretty well in a very fast race … Don’t doubt: The duathlons are a total sprint between 1h30 and 2h30 depending on the level, where everybody runs as if it were independent races, and without thinking that after running about 6-10 miles (depending on race) you have to make about 20 mountain bike, then another 3-5 on foot.

At the end of the day: A good way to spend a Sunday morning, thoroughly these mountain roads that we love, and being useful to find a good competition environment, a few friends, and make a quality workout for other priority targets.

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