Jungle Marathon 'Swamps' (Foto: Christiane Kappes)

Jungle Marathon Running (Foto: Christiane Kappes)

JM - Start

JM - Crossing River (Foto: Christiane Kappes)

JM - Running  (Foto: Christiane Kappes)

JM - Refreshing myself

JM - Swimming (Foto: Christiane Knappes)

JM - Post Swimming (Foto: Christiane Knappes)

JM - Crossing Swamps (Foto: Christiane Knappes)

JM - Crossing Swamps (Foto: Christiane Knappes)

Xavi in action

Cleaning myself at the river

Dinning at the Hammock

'My Home'... The Hammock

Poor Feet... They suffered a lot!

Starting a Stage (Foto: Christiane Knappes)

We were not alone at the Jungle

Jaume & Cyrus Relaxing

By Boat on the way to the heart of the Jungle

To the Water to refresh ourselves

Finish Line: JUNGLE.CAT Winner Team

With all the things I am doing, I forgot to put in this webside some of the best photos I have of the Jungle Marathon, that we run in the Amazon Jungle (Brazil), last October, and where we were first classified as a team (the JUNGLE . CAT with Jaume Tolosa, Xavier Marina and Cyrus Parvine) and sixth myself in the individual overall ranking (of 98 runners in total).

So, for those who want to see images of an ultra-marathon race in stages rather adventurous, enjoy the photos.

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