Presentation CBXR

Costa Brava Xtrem 2011

Training CBXR

With Xavi Marina and Fco.Javier Cortés Huate

Presentation CBXR

Last Thursday (February 3rd.) I took part in the presentation of the 3 rd. Edition of the Ultra Marathon "COSTA BRAVA XTREM", a foot race in three stages that runs around the coastline of the Costa Brava, from Blanes to Port Bou, always touching the sea.

Javi Marina, my team mate in the Jungle Marathon, and promoter/director of the race, was the main protagonist of the event, along with Mr.Vilert (President of the Girona-Costa Brava Tourist Board), Fco.Javier Cortés Huete (high-level marathon runner, with a best stratospheric mark 2h07′ in the Hamburg marathon), and myself.

Of course I will try to take part in this unique race which allows us to live a quite hard and interesting challenge, but also wonderful at the level of track and landscapes, which will be held on 13,14 and 15 May. 135 km in three days, and 5.500 cumulative vertical meters.  A great opportunity to discover every corner of this spectacular part of the Catalan coast.

I suggest intensively to participate in this race to everyone who wants to test himselv in an event that goes beyond just looking at the chronometer, and allows sharing a full experience for 3 spectacular days in a special environment. Registration is open until 31 March, and costs 395€, which includes both the organization and gifts, such as transport and hotel full accommodation throughout the weekend.

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