From Left to Right: Me, Cristian Rovira, Óscar Sànchez i Franc Ponti

The conference held last Thursday at the "Círculo de Economía" from Barcelona, taught together with Franc Ponti (expert in innovation), and Oscar Sanchez (School of Entrepreneurship Foundation), was very interesting and valuable: We spoke about such an unusual and key issue as are the VALUES.

Franc Ponti highlighted the value of courage, innovation and creativity as essential to bring quality and guarantees about the future of our society.

Oscar explained the critical importance of inculcating entrepreneurial skills and attitudes to young people since the primary school; and he showed us  the methodology and many success stories made by the Foundation.

I focused on analyzing a core of values that affect the entrepreneur, and are a compendium of many others that may differ according to each person or organization: Consciousness and Commitment. The entrepreneur should work on these two values from three axes:

1) He must be conscious and committed to confront an entrepreneurial process: Uncertainty, Risk, Success and Failure, Loneliness, Intuition, Ambition, Good Luck.

2) We need a society conscious and committed to the value that the entrepreneur brings to the community. Society at large should recognize those who lead projects as key elements, and should provide them with all the elements to respect them, to motivate them and to facilitate their work.

3) He should be aware and be engaged in creating wealth and value beyond pure profit. Always with a competitive basis and monetary success, he should seek also prosperity for the society and the environment. This will focus on achieving a better society for future generations, while we provide a differential value very difficult to imitate and pound from other economies where they look only for the cost and productivity at any cost.

I’m a fan of the Adventure and Entrepreneurship, and I would feel guilty, if after having been fortunate to travel and live very intense experiences around the world and particularly beautiful and sensitive sites, I would not have learned anything, and had only done all this to have fun and have some beautiful pictures. That is why I like so much talking about "values" associated with entrepreneurs, as the leading future projects, they must decide not only move, but think carefully about where and how we move forward. Now more than ever, we are responsible for the future we will have.

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