Invitation Lecture 11/3/2011

Although there is a sentence saying that "Nobody is prophet in his own land", I have the fortune of belonging to a village where I feel a great recognition by most people. It must be also because I also love them and because, despite being quite mad with all my adventures, it has been for so long time, that I guess everyone things it is even normal.

Next Friday I look forward to give a lecture in Sant Joan de les Abadesses (Girona) on the occasion of the presentation in the region of my book "Spirit of Adventure." We opted for a chat format rather than pure presentation of the book, to deviate a bit from the central theme of entrepreneurship, and reach a wider range of people who can not be directly related to the entrepreneur fact.

The conference is entitled "Living in an uncertain world", and will be at 19h in Room ‘Vilalba Abad Arnau’ at the ‘Palau de la Abadia’ in Sant Joan. Access is completely free, and will be presented by business journalist of Catalunya Radio Alex Bosch, who is also originally from the village, but not a relative of mine despite having the same surname.

Those who can come, will attend a presentation on key attitudes and facts for understanding, being happy, act and take profit of the opportunities of a quite uncertain world , rapidly changeable and unpredictable.

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