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Opinion Text 14/3/2011

At the end I will even learn to write. Following an interview I did in the daily business newspaper ‘Expansion’ on the occasion of the book "Spirit of Adventure ‘, I was asked to write an opinion column periodically with a frequency of about every two weeks in the section of Catalonia, and about three or four times a year to all Spain.

Last monday it was published the first of these texts, which I attach as an image, and now I go for the next one.

For me it is a challenge to collaborate with the absolute leading daily business newspaper in Catalonia and in the rest of the state. What happens is that as long as one agrees on something, then you have to fulfill. And writing every two weeks a text of some interest, well written and bringing something new to some experts and readers used to a high level of pundits, is not an easy task.

In order to try to make something quite good, I will focus my tracks from what I know from my intense experience lived in the world of entrepreneurship and adventure. At the end of the day, the world of pundits, commentators, lecturers and other freaks of this world of promoters, is full of people that speaks of many things from the perspective of having studied, discussed, researched and conceptualized from the theory, but not having really ever experienced it in firsthand.

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