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Ready for the start of the XL "3 Days Trial Santigosa." A three-day trial event, which is in my town (Sant Joan de les Abadesses), and this year celebrates its 40th. anniversary.

All easter weeks of my life I been in my little town for my association with this race. It began when I was 4 years old, and I have always been connected with it for different reasons: First surprised and admired as a child; then as a control; then participating as a pilot for 7 times; later being part of the organizing comitee in different functions; then 5 years as president of the Moto Club Abadesses and head of the race; and up to day as a collaborator in various tasks … I’ve only been away from the trial on one occasion last year, and for a quite justified reason: I was climbing Mt.Everest.

Therefore, this year, due that it didn’t mach to any concrete commitment, and thanks to NON STOP shop which lent me a bike, I came again to participate, although I have done very little training in Trial, because since I made the mythical "6 Scottish Days Trial" in 2008, I have only touched a bike 3 times.  I hope to pull from the technique I will remember from when I was more or less good, my fitness, and above all, some caution so as not to hurt me. For me the goal here is just having fun riding a bike and doing sections in a magnificent sections spot areas during these three days, while I remember my days as a Trial and off road pilot, giving me the pleasure of doing an activity also quite physically tired, but where the transport I’m not myself, but is driven by a motor!

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