3DTS - 3rd.Day - Foto Pep Segales (Solo Moto)

La Margera, 2nd.Day- Foto Pep Segales (Solo Moto)

Ogassa, 2nd.Day- Foto Pep Segales (Solo Moto)

Setcasí,3rd.Day - Foto Pep Segales (Solo Moto)

Torrents,2nd.Day- Foto Pep Segales (Solo Moto)

Torrents,2nd.Day - Foto Pep Segales (Solo Moto)

Edu: My brother and coach - Foto Pep Segales (Solo Moto)

Can Costas,2nd.Day- Foto Pep Segales (Solo Moto)

Completed a new edition of the classic "3 Days Trial Santigosa" the oldest long-term Trial in Spain, which this year celebrated its 40th. anniversary.

Despite being very disconnected from the Trial world, thanks being encouraged by my friends from the Moto Club Abadesses, and thanks to the specialized shop NON STOP, who lend me a motor bike, I could participate in the race for the 8th. Time.  And although I was not trained in this highly technical sport, as I have used a trial motor bike only once since  I participated in the legendary "6 Scotish Days Trial" in 2008, I am very satisfied because I still remember something, and I could end right in the middle of the final ranking (78 out of 165 participants)

Overcoming the magnificent sections of those mountains, driving in a spectacular and very demanding circuit, and enjoy, as is usually normal in this event, all possible climates concentrated in three days (Heat, Cold, Sun, Rain…) is a very strong feeling that, apart from letting have a lot of fun, I have connected absolutely with people and an environment that are part of me since my childhood.

Everything ended with a particularly emotional closing ceremony having dedicated the trophy presentation to tribute the disappeared Richard Pinet, in honor of his person, his widow Vera, and his total dedication to the motorcycle world in general and our particular test, as director and animator since its first edition.

I attach some really cool photos made during these three days by Pep Segalés, good friend and journalist of the magazine "Solo Moto".

This has made some wonderful days both in sporting and contact with nature, the environment and the people of my village. As a veteran pilot said me on Saturday before doing one of the sections: "I’m enjoying as a little child" … But I have to say that after he say this, while I was flowing with the bike on a trail filled of clay with the vision of a fabulous landscape in front of me, I thought that this expression should not be correct, because the maximum enjoyment doesn’t belong only to young children, but we should all save lots of innocence, passion and enthusiasm in order to have the maximum fun very often as "Older Children".

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