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Interview 30/4/2011

From the interviews that I have been doing in recent times as regards to issues relating to adventures or subjects of the book or entrepreneurship, there has been some much more superficial or who have not got the real message I meant, and others have treated quite better the subject.

This is the case of the last article in the Economics and Business supplement of the newspaper AVUI last Saturday, where the journalist has written some expressions that are quite accurate to the core of the concept I wanted to convey.

One is the sentence in the title, which says: "The Entrepreneurship is not a job, like Adventure is not a sport." I really think so. Setting up a business involves working a lot, but goes further beyond the level of risk, total commitment, and being an essential part of a project or philosophy of life that exceeds mere fact of working for a living. And the concept of Adventure is usually demanding with certain amount of sport or physical effor, but also goes far beyond the level of commitment, risk, philosophy and complexities and uncertainties of all kinds.

Today, all demanding sport or a little harder than normal, are qualified like adventures, and I think this treatment is too commercial, disproportionate and unwise.

I also like this article, because has captured a detail I always try to convey both at conferences and in interviews, but usually does not impact too much. This is summarized in the following sentence: "The big change of entrepreneurship is on values, which differentiates us and makes us competitive." Making money in business is important, but a true entrepreneur, today, should take into account that the money should be able to be earned by bringing prosperity in different ways: The economic, obviously, but also a benefit for the society and making it with respect to the environment.

Although it is only in Catalan, I am attaching the full interview for anyone who wants to read it.

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