Finisher CBXR

David López - Stage 2

Crossing a river when joining the sea

Juan Porro up to the Begur Cape

Finisher in the Ultra-Marathon "Costa Brava Xtrem", which has led us to trace running from Blanes to PortBou in 3 stages which totaled 137 km to about 5,300 meters of positive slope.

A nice event for landscapes, tracks and shared environment both during the race and in the hotels during the 3 days.

But also a very hard race, not only for the distance and the uphill, but because being always strictly following the coastline means continually facing small or large ups and downs, which left our muscle destroyed.

As a summary, I will say that the first stage, the shortest, was very fast because it was shared with runners participating only one day; and the heat was terrible with a high humidity content. The second stage was the hardest by the steady and sharp drop all the way, with a strong heat in the morning and very heavy rain late in the afternoon, that caught us 12km. from the finish line.  And the last stage with the same distance as the second, with very pleasant temperature level, but with strong face winds, and accusing the effort of the previous days.

I eventually finished on 24 of 175 runners at the starting line. Quite happy with the outcome and for having an intense workout ahead of other goals, while expending a great weekend.

My congratulations for the organization for the excellent race the have mounted, and his extreme kindness and care of every detail. I suggest anyone who likes running, to do at least once this "little adventure".

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