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Announcement Albert Bosch's lecture

Next Thursday 26th. at 8 pm, I give a lecture in the city of Girona, which I’m specially looking for.  It is included in the series "Sports and Adventure" organized by the GeiEC, and I entitled it: "Sport as a way, Adventure as the target"

During the talk I’ll do a review of my more prominent activities, while making a discussion on the difference between pure sport and adventure as a way of  approach to really demanding challenges.

When one speaks of adventure, despite being a risky and interpretable word,  must be taken into account that it goes far beyond sport. Normal sport requires a lot of training, discipline and effort, but is far from the commitment required for any ambitious adventure. When you run a marathon, for example, you must have trained hard, obviously, but if you fail or have a major problem, you stop and simply go home. Instead, to make an adventure project, besides having trained hard physically, one has to get together a large budget, it is very complex to organize logistics required, requires a special mental strength and, above all, really takes many risks. In this case the failure or big problems can be really serious, and go far beyond the fact of having achieved or not the objective.

I consider myself an sport man, but through the sport I have proposed, from long ago, go into a much larger and expansive level, that exaggerated or not, strictly or not, I have called "Adventure" … and this is what I will share with whoever comes next Thursday to Girona.

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