On march 2010 I even didn’t know Colombia, but since I joined a Colombian expedition to summit Mt.Everest, I absolutely love this country and its people.

After becoming close friends with my fellow climbers, and have connected a lot with all members of the support group that came to get to the Base Camp after we reached the top, I was in Colombia a few weeks ago to reconnect with them, and to know the country, and present their book on the expedition to Everest, and my "Spirit of Adventure – The 7 challenges of entrepreneurship"

All this has increased my romance with Colombia, a place where I think I’ll be very connected for friendship, sports, culture and, if I can, other business, for a long time.

Right now, my book is doing very well there. And just this week, Juan Pablo Ruiz, our expedition leader on Everest, and until recently working as a director of the World Bank, wrote about the content treated in it, in his weekly column in the newspaper "El Espectador", leading the Colombian press.  TO SEE THE TEXT: CLICK HERE.  Even some other newspapers have written about the book during the last months, I’m specially proud of this article.

I advise everyone to go and know this wonderful country now that the issue of insecurity is already controlled, and still is very unknown for the big tourism. Discover a well-educated, kind and hardworking society; a very emerging economy; and an area of exceptional beauty with a variety of landscapes and climates, as it touches the Pacific and the Caribbean, is forest, savannas and Andean peaks over 5,000 meters . In short: A treasure!

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