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Next July 30th. And 31st. I will participate along with my colleague David López-Verdaguer, in the Ultra Marathon "Trail Aneto", in hardest option: Aneto Tour.

This race means running all the way around both the Aneto as Maladeta Massif, through the Val d’Aran. A total of 96 km Non Stop, with 6.000 meters positive accumulated, and a maximum time of 30 hours to finish.

A great tour around the king of the Pyrenees, passing through seven different valleys: Benasque, Ballibierna, Llosa, Llauset, Barrabés, Nere and Lin Artiga. Its highest points are the Ballibierna Col of 2,728 meters, the Port de Vielha of 2,442 meters, and the Port of Picada of 2,477 meters.

Another big challenge, and a good training to prepare another "really huge" event at the end of the year, which I hope to announce in mid-July if we have it completely closed and confirmed.

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