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I spent most part of last Wednesday in the etrepreneur’s meeting called BIZ Barcelona, enjoying a fabulous bath of optimism and passion to be activated into the future.

At a time when uncertainty is the law, together with the complaints, all kind of problems, and most people lives dominated by pessimism, fear and concern for the future, it’s great to see that there are many people (and mostly young), that rather than complain, have decided to devote his energy to face the future positively, and not to expect that the circumstances are perfect to find or create the right opportunities.

It is the fifth time I act as a speaker at this event (formerly under the name "Entrepreneur Day"), in this 12th edition has proven to be well established, having been a pioneer both in Catalonia and Spain. This time l gave a lecture in the morning, and I participated in a meeting of investors and projects in the afternoon. The atmosphere was great. In the air we breathed talent, ideas and passion. The exhibition halls were full of people (13,300 visitors in total) eager to work to go ahead with their projects, or to find inspiration, contacts and advice appropriate to embark on the adventure.

It’s amazing to discover the enormous amount of existing or potential entrepreneurs in our house, and is a clear hope for the future to see that not everyone will want to spend many key years in their lives waiting  to be offered a dream job with all the benefits and safety they would like, but unfortunately neither the business nor society in general has the ability to provide sufficient quantity or quality.

I think the future will be "Entrepreneur" for two basic reasons:

1) Because we need many entrepreneurs to face the future. If they pursue to realize their projects with great enthusiasm, effort and risk, they will create value for all our society.

2) Because in such a complex environment, who wants to be happy and self developed, must preferently have a clear ‘Entrepreneur Spirit’ in all facets of their lives, such as personal, professional or business.

If you want to see a VideoNews published at the online newspaper LA VANGUARDIA, where I’m acting as a Business Angel in a Speed Dating session,  CLICK HERE

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