The Prince at the 25 Anniversary of AIJEC

With Héctor Ruiz, of AULA DIGITAL-TEXT, winner of the price Young Catalonian Entrepreneur

The Princess Leticia

The princess wiht AIJEC's President (Marta Martí)

The Princes during the event

Last Thursday we celebrate the 25th. anniversary of AIJEC (Young Entrepreneurs Association of Catalonia), with the presence of the Prince of Asturias and Girona (The Prince of Spain, in short).

Celebrating the 25th anniversary of an organization to which I belongs since 21 years, is a pride. Check that this entity has provided many values ​​and positive things  to our society by promoting, defending and promoting the figure of the young entrepreneur, is a great satisfaction. And having the highest authorities of the country to celebrate it, is a wonderful price for the event.

Apart from Prince Felipe and Princess Leticia, they accompanied us: the President of the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Catalan Minister of Employment, the Minister of Culture, the Mayor of Barcelona, ​​the President of the CEOE, the President of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce The President of Fomento del Trabajo, and the Secretary of State for commerce. Such a luxury presence is an important recognition of our organisation, and to all the presidents, board members and the members in general, who have worked very hard for so long time. An example of how civil society can contribute a lot to the rest of the community, either through their dreams, hobbies or professions.

The presence and support of the royal house may be a debatable issue for many people. Some are really in favor; others totally against; and many, including myself, will see many positive things (especially for the communication and category of the event), but also will show some doubts about whether or not to be so close to the values ​​and goals that they represent.

But either way, the truth is that these guys were absolutely professional, respectful and friendly, and created a huge expectation for  attracting authorities and media, unparalleled in the history of our association.

I enjoyed a lot, and just at the time of the personalized greetings from the princes to the members of the board and ex-presidents of AIJEC (I am the president of the section AIJEC PLUS, members of more than 40 years), I started in super funny conversation with Princess Leticia, which generated considerable excitement among the audience: She asked me quite a lot for my adventures, and seeing all what I have done, and realizing that necessarily I have to be some time away from home, she asked if I had children. Then, I told her that I had three, 7, 9 and 11 years old…. and she literally said "You have really crazy" … and obviously this made starting a riff-raff of jokes and comments between her and me which made us laugh a lot. Later I had to introduce her to my wife, because she thought I was a selfish male, and she was a Santa bitter. Then Maria and me, we put clear to her that all lifestyles can be right or bad, and that there is no set formula for happiness in the couple, and that what counts is the result and the degree of complicity, support and love between the two . And spending some time out each year is obviously a sacrifice, but well managed, has many advantages and can do (as I believe it is our case), the union of the couple much stronger than being really bored together for 365 days per year, being, as we are energetic and lively people… Let’s see if Leticia will wish to escape occasionally from the golden cage where he lives, willing to spend time to live places and emotions very intensely with complete freedom. I obviously would give her all my energy and moral support … life is too interesting to live always in a totally predictable and organized way, isn’t it?

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