Last week I lost all my energy. This has led me to resign to join the ultra-marathon around the Aneto planned for this weekend.

The reason is simple: I had a few days totally overworked, which has joined an intense management to close the main sponsors for the expedition we have planned for later this year. Working hard never scared me, but the accumulation of problems that we have these days has surpassed me, sucked me strength, and even gave me the feeling of heartache when I went to do the minimum training.

Conclusion: I don’t feel able to do an extreme effort, running 100km. Non Stop with 6,000 m. of positive slope. I always thought that both injury prevention and in terms of energy management, we must learn to listen to our body, and push hard, but also being able to resign when it’s necessary.

Combining my strong side or sporting and adventure with the responsibilities arising from my own business is much more complicated than it seems. If I would be only devoted to the adventure or sport, it would be much much easier to manage my projects. The real and most difficult part is to make high-level adventure events, combined with a very demanding job.  But despite having had a dip in power this time, I’m not complaining at all … it’s part of the game, and I love to combine both aspects, and so never get to be obsessed by any of the two. The best is having the challenge to live doing interesting projects without being so radical or while having a balance in life between the different social, professional, familial or cultural sides.

In Aneto I failed, but again, I must take a small defeat to learn and strengthen me in order the face other even more ambitious challenges.

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