Ready for the final jump

We are one step out to do a project that should bring me to a breathtaking adventure. An extreme adventure next Novembre/December. An adventure in big letters. A long adventure. An adventure which it’s even complicated to start, but when it is started we do not know how it will end. A true adventure. Without doubt, the greatest adventure I have never done.

We’ve been working for one year. But however much we worked and planned the last moments before the critical moment of the final decision, they are always extremely intense. The two partners featured in this challenge, and our project manager and responsible for sponsorship, Oliver Vallès, we have had a few crazy weeks of negotiating with the companies that will give us financial support, preparing the logistics and providing all the essential elements of material, permits, communication, etc., that we will take. Next Tuesday 9 we have a key meeting where everything must be determined and focused. A meeting where we’ll throw a coin to see if it falls on the side of the face or side of the cross … but we took this coin to an artisan to tune it, in order to have 95% chance to get out "face ".

Now it comes the moment of truth. We are nervous.  We are full of emotions.  We are expecting a huge work to do.  I realize once more, that if one hopes to "be able" to realize the great projects he wants to do in life, he will almost never get it. One has to "want" them, whatever the circumstances. The circumstances must be adapted to the big challenges,  and not vice versa. The environment will never offer in a silver platter the necessary conditions to do the full range of our objectives. We are the ones we have to take risks, be bold and at the same time, a bit innocent, to dominate or to focus on the environment so that we can move forward toward our goals.

We are now in an extremely complicated business period in general, and for me this factor has been one of the points that are weighing me to take the final decision. But I have the great fortune to have with me a very committed team of professionals, efficient and enthusiastic, which gives me an almost unconditional support.  We all know the Handicaps will involve the risk and time to be facing this adventure, but we all are fully confident that we have the necessary skills as a team to work perfectly well without me for a period. Yesterday I met with my partner Rafael Galán, and I gave me not only support, but showed me his absolute conviction that this project should be done, and that our structure and our professional project are absolutely prepared and controlled to disconnect from me for some time I make a new crazy adventure in some remote location. So I have to say that with a team like this, and some partners such as Rafael, I have to be full of confidence to face great challenges.

I hope we can explain the ‘official’ final decision very soon, and show the concrete adventure that is all this mess. I promise very intense emotions!

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