Pedales de León

The three friends on the route (Arcadi Romera, Carles Parès and myself)

The Road Book

Carles Parès descending a grass carpet

Enjoying with Leon's food

Arcadi inspiring the energy of the Picos de Europa

Constant cultural interesting spots on the route

The best track is when there's no track

Only 50 cm2 to talk by the mobile phone at Soto de Sajambre (What a luxury!)

Arcadi in a steep downhill inside the deep forest

Apart from demanding competitions, or highly complex challenges, there are lots of little adventures very affordable and really interesting that everyone can do, and which should be on the list of many fans to special events in nature. "Pedales de León" are definitely a great example.

A few days ago we did a mountain bike route in the south of the spectacular "Picos de Europa", called "Pedales de León", which is part of the package tours "World Pedals". I have already completed three of them: "Pedales de Fuego", "Pedales de Occitania", and now "Pedales de León". They all have in common the same selection criteria and the quality of the routes chosen, apart from offering a certain organization and logistics services that can greatly facilitate the preparation of the voyage. They will bring you a really well selected tour with a well detailed road book that will guide you around the lap, they advise you for the travel distances according to your level, they manage the accommodation,  and optionally, they will carry the bags. All very easy and the end result really intense and spectacular.

This Moutain Bike tour was a surprise in many ways.  Knowing the southern part of the "Picos de Europa", perhaps the least known of this special, place is a total discovery.  Biking by the magnificent mountain trails of eastern mountain of Leon, doing 220 km with 6,650 meters of accumulated slope, half of which are within the National Park of "Picos de Europa" (The unique in Spain that have populations in the interior), and know the landscape and very authentic villages of this area is more than advisable. We did it in 4 days in order not to go very stressed and have time to enjoy the people, landscapes and gastronomy of this place, but it could be done perfectly on 3 days or more if the physical condition or personal approach requires.

These activities, apart from the train it supposes to me, are also an excellent opportunity to make things attractive in nature, but where the priority is not the competition, challenge or a great goal, but simply having some relaxing days enjoying some good sport with friends, calmly, and in very picturesque surroundings.

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