We have signed an agreement with a publisher of books for APP (Applications for Smartphones and Tablet devices) to launch my book "SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE – The 7 Challenges of the Entrepreneur" as an "Enhanced eBook" on the month of February 2012.

An "Enhanced eBook" is much more than just an e-book … this book is greatly expanded. The text content of the book serves as a base to explain and show more things, using all possibilities it allows a last generation tablet.

Apart from the contents of the book present in the paper or electronic version, in the APP version there will be videos of some adventures I’ve done, some interviews with known entrepreneurs and adventurers, image gallery, links to websites with related content, and a super story that we will record in my next adventure, which will relate the entire project with an adventurous process as described in the book.

Entrepreneurs that are sure to come out in interviews filmed in this version of APP are: Didac Lee (CEO of INSPIRIT, and leading internet entrepreneur). Paco Martin Villanueva (Partner-CEO of MRW). And Xavier Berneda (Director and grandson of the founder of MUNICH).

Extreme sport men that are sure to come out in the interviews are: Nani Roma (Rally-Raid Pilot, and Spanish 1st. Winner of Dakar Rally). Anna Corbella (Extreme Navigator, 6th. in the BWR-Barcelona World Race, being the 1st female crew to finish the race). And Ferran Latorre (specialist climber in the Himalayas, has summited seven 8 thousands meters peaks, and aims to complete the 14)

Among the expanded content of the book, accompanying documents and the testimonies of all these entrepreneurs and adventurers, next February you will be able to learn more about the 7 key challenges of an entrepreneurial and proactive attitude in life: Learn to live in Uncertainty , Managing Risk, The balance between Success and Failure, Loneliness, Ambition, Intuition and Good Luck.

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