SOUTH POLE 1911-2011

Vision of Antarctica

December 14th. 1911. - Roald Admunsen: 1st. man at the South Pole

Here is the next great adventure that we have been preparing for a long time: An expedition that will take us across the Antarctica, from the sea to the South Pole, with only two people without any assistance, coinciding with the centenary of the arrival of the first man to the South Pole.

Broadly, the main figures of the project are:

– 2 Persons

– Total self-sufficiency during the expedition

– Duration: approximately 45 days, although we take food for 65

– Distance: 1,200 km. From Hercules Point (Antarctica Coast) to the South Pole

– Start: Calculated around October 28th./31st.

– Arrival South Pole: We expect between December 13/16

– Transport: Only skis and sleds for the load. Expressly refused wings (Kites), for not having any help except our own capacities.

– Temperature: Between -5ºC and -45ºC

– First Catalans to do the whole trip (Sea-South Pole), and first Spanish unsupported.

The few expeditions that face similar challenges in Antarctica, use to start up from mid-November, when the austral summer is more consolidated. We will move the start date, dealing in the initial phase with even more extreme negative temperatures, to try to reach the South Pole around December 14th. and match the exact day that will be 100 years since the Norwegian Roald Admunsen became the first man to reach this point, December 14th. 1911. It will be our way to commemorate one of the big challenges achieved by men in the exploration history.

Antarctica is the coldest, most remote, driest and windiest continent on the earth. It is an immense desert of ice where, except for the coast, does not live absolutely any animal. At the same time is an area incredibly special, extremely beautiful, totally pure, almost spiritual. One of the few places in the world where you can not go just by paying money, and that can only be appreciated if you focus a spirit of challenge, discovery and absolute connection with the environment and the vastness it represents and conveys.

I will share the adventure with Carles Gel, alpinist, recognized mountaineering guide, writer of mountain guides and books, and with extensive experience in polar expeditions: Crossing Greenland, the Baltic Sea (in winter and solo), Lake Inari and Tornesträsk lake.

The project has a large team of people to coordinate the tasks of support from Barcelona, ​​both in the field of logistics, security, communications and media. This team is led by Oliver Vallès, as manager/project coordinator, and a key piece of it, very involved since the beginning in managing the search for sponsors.

And on a personal side, as always, I count with three secret weapons: my friend and partner Rafael Galán, a key player in all this project, and a great factor of motivation and confidence in both the personal and professional sides. Members of my work team in INVERGROUP that give me support and manage everything with total efficiency, which allows me to be out during this time. And my family, my emotional sponsor, which shares a vital project that combines affection, responsibility and adventure, and that is my absolute basis, from which I can afford to dream and to face all kinds of challenges.

We have been working for over a year, since large projects are not improvised, and it is necessary to match many factors to deal with this kind of challenge. Finally we have the basics closed, although we still have much work to finalize a lot of details, that ultimately, will be key factors for the success of the project and to avoid potentially fatal risks during the expedition. Here there is no organization that prepares or facilitates the event, there are no rules, no assistance, no help beyond what we can prepare ourselves and what we will be able to manage once down there . This challenge is a clear example of why we call this "Adventure" and not "Sport." Here, more than ever, we see that sport is only a tool to focus a project that requires a commitment far beyond the purely physical side: Getting the financing, organizing the logistics, planning, strategy and be prepared to overcome some certain obstacles and take a number of risks that are not present in other organized sports, no matter how physically demanding they are.

During the first week of October we will officially launch the project. From there we will have a dedicated website for following this adventure. Meanwhile (and also throughout the expedition), you can follow up all the preparations and the adventure itself, in this web page.

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